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W r i t e r ' s   B l o c k

(Now available)

C a r d i o v a s c u l a r

(Cor Aereum)

E n P o i n t e

(Musculi et Tendines Pedis)

L u m i n o s u m

(Columna Verebralis )

G a l e n

( Musculii Corporus Humanis )

A l e x a n d r i a

(Musculii Capitis et Colli )

S c r i p t o r

(Musculi et Tendines Manus et Digitorum)

O c u l u s

(Now available)

W r i t e r' s   B l o c k

Writer's Block is a work of pure inspiration ; This powerful, surreal decorative lamp is articulated at the neck / skull joint and illuminated from within

the cranium by a single warm LED reading lamp . At once oddly familiar and entirely alien.

12 volt transformer is built into the base and plugs directly into the wall. In cold-cast bronze .

C l e n c h

(Mandibulae )